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When we think back to how all this got started, we actually have to laugh at what we chose our site title and tagline; “Web Design – custom web design and online services.”

About 4 years ago, each one of us experienced some major changes in our vocations, so we both made the decision to make career changes and start online businesses. Kathy searched for the best online platform, which is WordPress, and I searched for the best team to help us get started.

That is when we found the WordPress Geek Club of Utah. We were determined to learn the WordPress platform inside and out. I bet those guys looked at us and said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”  Although those first meetings were total “geek speak”, we soon learned to love WordPress and how to “speak geek”.  And, as far as the guys were concerned… they took us under their wing and treated us like gold.

We believe we have found the very best way to get your business seen online.

We Are The Perfect Team

Kathy brings to this business years of designing for major craft and gift companies. She has published 80 craft instruction books, designed ceramics, pillows, scrapbook papers, Christmas ornaments and much much more. She is a college graduate, with a degree in art.

Chances are you have seen or purchased one of her designs along your way. She traveled extensively in China and watched her designed products come off of major production lines.

As the designer end of this team, Kathy is an expert in Photoshop. She is also a skilled copywriter and handles much of our copy writing.

Now, I love the technical end of things.

I have trained extensively in study skills, the skill of knowing how to learn, and have taken those skills to heart. Mastering the technical end of WordPress inside and out has been an exciting continuing adventure. I’m constantly networking with others, attending seminars, and searching the web to keep updated on all that WordPress has to offer.

I also have a cache of other online tools and resources that enhance my WordPress experience. Marketing, promotional, and SEO expertise are just a few of those resources I bring to the WebPress table.

We are also sisters, two of six very independent women. Our father was our guide when it came to the “entrepreneurial spirit.” Like him, we have always owned and operated our own successful businesses.

Your Web Presence

If you are the kind of person that likes to have total control of your web presence, we have the product for you. You can control your website, your local listings and bring in more leads.

Our aim at WebPress is to bring you the very best in design, WordPress advancement and technology when we build your site. Marketing, promotion, web tools and SEO are added bonuses.

With WebPress, Kathy and I bring you our experience, expertise and love of WordPress together to bring you the very best in design, copy writing and technology.

Contact us… we spoil our clients.  Just ask them!

Sheila Atwood

P.S.  “All Webmasters Are Not Alike”




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Kathy hangout with WordPress co-Founder

Kathy hanging out with WordPress co-Founder

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