Web Design

Custom Web Design that fits your needs, makes you look professional and works hard for you. 

Local Marketing

Because your want to be seen on the web and your most important commodity is time, we can help you with basic SEO and local directory submission.

Website Maintenance

Not only do you want effective video, you need to have your YouTube setup correctly with good SEO along with a plan to market your video. 

Video Production & Marketing

Not only do you want effective video, you need to have your YouTube setup correctly with good SEO along with a plan to market your video.


Milagros Mexican Food

Because Milagros was on another platform, we moved the site over to WordPress and updated the text and the look. Simple basic SEO made a huge difference for this site.

Our first goal was to create a beautiful inviting site that represented our client and was easy to navigate.Our second goal was to get his business seen on the web, we have met both goals.

LuckyDog Recreation

The owner of this site definitely knew what she wanted. Our goal was to make sure the visitor knew exactly where he was when he landed on the site.

We also worked to make this site show up well in the search engines with basic local SEO, video and back-links.

This business owner is way to busy running her business so she leaves the site management up to us.

Kimba Fit

Often businesses need what we call a “Calling Card” site; a one-page site that gives just enough information to illicit the call.

Now Kimba’s small business looks legitimate. is fabulous on both a desktop and on all mobile devices.

Pizza Furiosa

This is one yummy site! Our client had definite ideas of what he wanted, which we love! He also had a wonderful photographer.

Our goal was to show off this client, his fun business and the beautiful food.

When you click on this site your have everything you need to know right at your finger tips.

Butler Fine Arts

Keeping this eCommerce website very clean makes the Artwork stand out.

Plus, simple navigation makes it easy for clients to find and purchase the painting they want the most.

Tangaro Law

Another Web Designer had started this site but never finished. We took over and developed a deep site for both information and SEO.

Most clients contact Ms. Tangaro by phone and need fast tap to call buttons, which required a distinctly mobile site not just a responsive design.

Clarion Gardens

Although this client was on Blogger and Facebook she needed a deep site that made it easy for potential clients to find her and all they information needed book their special occasion.

And that is exactly what we did.

We also manage this website and the email marketing. Isn’t this a beautiful site?

Elder Braden Griffiths

You will have to agree that this site is a very unique idea for Mormon Missionaries.

Braden and his family wanted a way to communicate with family and friends while he has on his mission.

The site also keeps a record of his journey in many unusual ways.

It's About Time Book

This simple site needed an update that better reflected the book and it’s author.

Back-end clean up along with basic SEO and marketing has made a big difference in a short time.

We also added a blog that the author updates on his own while we manage the rest of the site. This client is a dream to work with!

Kind Words

“Love our website! We show up so well in the search engines, in fact we beat the pants off of our competitors. Your help with video has been a big part of just how well we show up for targeted keywords.”

Nicole Stoddard

Owner - Sales Rep , LuckyDog Recreation

“Thank you for the site updates, all the changes are perfect. Looking forward to working with you on a monthly basis.”

David W. Allan

Author , It's About Time Book

“The website is beautiful. It is way more than I ever expected. We are already getting calls from the site. I know you went way over and above, so I am sending you a bonus check.”

Rebecca Carter

Owner, Clarion Gardens Event Center

“Thank you for all that you do for us. You have been very patient with all the the changes and updates. I appreciate your expertise, we show up for all the important keywords. The site is exactly how I imagined.”

Dave Tumisto

Owner, Milagros Mexican Food

Responsive Design

No matter what device your client is using he will be able to see your website, because every WebPress site design is responsive.

SEO and Analytics

You will appreciate the time we spend to make sure your site has all SEO basics in place. Then we add analytics so you can see how well your site is doing.

Your Site Your Way

You can have your site your way with WordPress. Need a map, a store, calendar or gallery? you got it. Just ask us!

Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.