When we think about how WebPress started we have to laugh.

Way back in 2007, each one of us experienced major changes in our vocations, so we both made the decision to move to online businesses. Kathy searched for the best platform (WordPress) and I searched for a team to get us started.

That is when we hooked up with the WordPress Geek Club of Utah. Although those first meetings were total geek speak, we hung there, determined to learn WordPress inside and out.

In 2011, after building affiliate web sites and sites for family and friends, WebPress Utah was born.

Now we build websites for businesses, e-commerce and personal endeavors.

We are the perfect team! Kathy is the designer and copywriter and I am the tech end.

Kathy Griffiths

Kathy Griffiths

Designer and Copywriter

Kathy brings to this business, years of designing for major craft and gift companies. She has published 80 craft books, designed ceramics, pillows, scrapbook papers, Christmas ornaments and much much more. She is a college graduate with a degree in art.

She traveled extensively in the USA and in China and watched her designs come off major production lines. Chances are you have seen or purchased one of her designs along your way.

As the designer end of this team, Kathy is an expert in PhotoShop. She is also a skilled copywriter and handles much of our copywriting.

Sheila Atwood

Sheila Atwood

Tech and SEO

I love the technical end of things. Mastering the technical part of WordPress is an exciting adventure. It is fun to test out new WordPress plugins or delve into code to create a new look.

When I am not actually building websites I am keeping a close eye on what is happening in marketing and SEO. I am continually networking with others and learning new techniques.

Kathy is the “Pretty Face” end of this business and I am the back-end you do not see, that works behind the scene to create a website the works hard for you.

Responsive Design

No matter what device your client is using, he will be able to see your website, because every WebPress site design is responsive.

SEO and Analytics

You will appreciate the time we spend to make sure your site has all SEO basics in place. Along with analytics so you can see how well your site is doing.

Your Site Your Way

You can have your site your way with WordPress. Need a map, a store, calendar or gallery? you got it. Just ask us!

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