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Although, a “pretty face” is what conveys your brand and grabs attention, your visitors need to find what is most important… your call to action.

We design functional websites that work behind the scenes as well as present a “pretty face”.

81% of all smartphone use is to search the web. Yet less than 8% of websites are mobile viewer friendly.

Wouldn't you agree this is an untapped market?

Mobile Website Utah

Video Marketing Utah

Bring your business to life with video. Increase online awareness of your business.

Harness the power of video advertising on your website, on the web and on social media.

What are others saying about you and your business? Should you care?

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

G+ for Utah Businesses

What Do Our Clients Say?

"We were in a mess when we found Kathy and Sheila. Our old web designer was difficult to work with and we had hosting problems. It was becoming impossible to get the changes we wanted to the website.

WebPress took over and created a great site that not only looks professional it is easy to navigate. The content is perfect and reflects exactly what Tangaro Law stands for."

"We show up so well in the search engines, in fact we beat the pants off of our competitors. Your help with video has been a big part of just how well we show up for targeted keywords.

Plus our website looks great on my smart phone!

We appreciate your site management. You are so quick to respond to our requests. It always amazes me how you go over and above in delivering what we want. There is always something extra and items we have never even thought of."

"Thanks for the idea of developing a “calling card” site, it’s exactly what I wanted. All the suggestions you made for the site have worked out so good. The site is so professional and I’m proud to send my clients there."

"I knew right away there was something special about Kathy and Sheila. Somehow I knew they were a “gift” to help me with an area of business that is so critical and I know so little about.I can count on one hand how many people I trust and have the confidence in making Milagros reach my goals. It did not take very long before I knew Milagros’ Internet presence was in the best possible hands."

WordPress - Not just a blog!

  WordPress is often thought of as a blogger's platform. However, WordPress is more than a way to blog; it's the best way for you to have any type of site you desire. With its content Management System (CMS), the average person can create and manage their own website. The popularity of WordPress is growing. As people learn of its broad versatility and ease of management, it's quickly replacing html sites that bind them to a Webmaster for small changes and updates. Some of the largest companies on the web use WordPress for their serious projects, Ebay, Yahoo, GE, CNN, Ford, Sony, Flickr and Samsung, to name a few. They've seen the light. And, yes, of course, you can have a blog too. You can have it all with WordPress.  

What WordPress can do for you.

  Own and Control your website
  • Photo and Photo Galleries
  • Videos and Video Galleries
  • Online Forums
  • Shopping Carts
  • Membership Sites
  • eCommerce Stores
  • A Blog - Let’s not forget about that one!
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Google loves WordPress!

The list could go on and on. The point is, what ever you want your website to be or do, you can create it with WordPress.

Google Love

  SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization. It's the means by which you tell the search engines that you exist and have something to offer. WordPress makes it easy for you to satisfy Google. It's just packed with SEO behind the scenes features that will help the search engines find you easily and let them know what your site is about. Content is one of the best ways to keep the search engines happy. Google loves good content. Therefore, no matter what your website is about, adding a blog is a good idea. It allows you to keep your content fresh and updated. With additional tips and tricks WebPress will teach you, your site can become a search engine friendly star!  

Plugins? What's that?

  The WordPress platform is a base, or the foundation of your website. You can customize everything about your site with the simple use of “plugins.” For instance, if you want to add a membership site, or a video gallery, you simply add plugins. If you want to keep spam off of your site, there is a plugin that will do that too. Yea! Plugins also increases the performance of your site. You can add SEO plugins which will give additional oomph to make it easier for the search engines to find you and tell them about what your site provides.  

WordPress says, "Yes" to easy navigation.

  With the WordPress navigation system of pages and categories, your readers will be able to zip around your site without any problems. Because it will be so easy to get around , your viewer will stay on your site longer reading your great content. Thus... better SEO. Yea! Everybody wins!  

Let's get social!

  WordPress is so social media friendly that it’s scary. With the click of a button, folks can share your information with their business associates, customers, friends and family. More sharing - more site views - simple as that. Your WordPress site can easily be connected to G+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social sites. You can be as social as you want to be!  

Website discussion? Only if you want to!

  WordPress has a comment option on your site. Your viewers can participate in your discussion and you can easily reply back. Oh, don’t worry, you can monitor derogatory comments from even showing up on your site. On the other hand, you can turn off the comments all together. Sooo many choices! Ya gotta love it.  

Want to generate income?

With WordPress, you can easily add Adsense ads, Amazon product ads and banner ads. Imagine having an eCommerce store. WordPress is the perfect way to get your store online. Your online store can be configured so someone else collects the payments. WordPress makes it easy to integrate with shopping cart systems like PayPal. We don't know of another website format that gives you as many money making tools for turning a profit as WordPress. Bonanza! Okay, we're sure you are wondering about your custom site.  

WordPress can do it.

  You'll not be denied all the "sweet stuff" that make your website exciting! If you want movable sliders, video, rotating text, audio, clickable images and banners then WordPess is the platform for you. As we’ve told you before, you can have it all.  

What’s in it for you?

  At WebPress Utah, we specialize in WordPress front-end website design and setup for businesses and personal use. Our WordPress-based websites and blogs are not only “good looking” but search engine friendly.   At WebPress we will take the initial steps to setup your website, customize the appearance and add the necessary plugins. We want to ensure that when it’s completed, everything is in place for you to take over and control your own website. In the end, you will have a great looking site with all the bells and whistles. You'll have a site that will be simple for your readers to navigate and enjoy. You'll have a site that will be easy to manage and control.   Overwhelmed? Don't be! Step by step instructions for managing your site will be provided for you. If by chance, you prefer someone to handle your site management, those services are available to you.

Now what?

Let's talk!   All you have to do to get in touch with us is simply pick up the phone and call us directly at 801 200-3591. We’ll be there to chat about your website needs. Your new website is just a phone call away. You can also contact us through e-mail by clicking on "Contact."