Now that you have your WordPress Security Basics in, let’s dig a little further and complete the process; actually it is much simpler that you may think. Then I will connect I will connect you Aamir…your go to guy just incase you have  been hacked.

Have You Been Hacked? How To Tell…

Website Security

Ideally we avoid any hacks by putting security and making sure we use valid plugins and keep them up-to-date. But as recent events show there are always a possibility of a hack you can not control.

The very first step you need to take is have a Security plug on you site and have it working correctly.

My favorite plugin for Security is iThemes. I have tested WordFence against IThemes Security and found that iThemes Security is the easier plugin with more bang for your buck with the free version. Plus it is easy to set up. You can find the free version in your website WordPress depository.

In this video WP Crafter shows you how to set up the iThemes Security plugin.

Backup Your Website

No need to lecture you on the need to back up you website…Adam from WPCrafter will do that in the video below.

Get more information on theUpdraftPlus Plugin and downloaded here or you will find it in the WordPress Depository.

Get Ready To Set-up UpDraftPlus

To use the UpDraft Plus you will need a place to store your backups. I use DropBox – which is very easy to set up and it is an easy option right in UpDraft Plus. And I use my Amazon S3 account as a central point for all my clients websites. The learning curve to set up an Amazon S3 account can be a little steep but the price for storage is well worth the effort. I am paying around $3 a month. Also I like how easy my files are to share, the S3 interface is very nice.

Been Hacked? Who To Hire

Despite my best efforts to keep a clients website from being hacked…it happened. The vulnerability was one I could not resolve so I had to hire some one to look and find the problem and fix it. My saving grace in these situations is Aamir Fiaz of His communication is perfect and his work is impeccable! plus he is very fast.

Yes, you do have a little bit of work to do. Make it easy on yourself and follow the above resources. Don’t wait to get your WordPress Website Security In and Working.

Sheila Atwood

Photo Credit – Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash