Finding a WordPress hosting solution that is easy is not necessarily easy to do. Searching the web for the best hosting solution can be confusing (or let’s just put this in plain English, makes you feel like you died and went to hell.)

Using different hosting solutions has made me feel that way more than once. Managing websites for clients often means going way behind the scene to straighten out problems. Which may mean working directly with the hosting provider.

WordPress Hosting Solutions from WebPress Utah


We first started out with Hostgator but found their service was not reliable once they became a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. Almost overnight service went downhill and we found that our websites were loading slower and slower.


We have also used BlueHost who eventually came under the Endurance Internation Group. Recently I did some work for a client that is still using BlueHost. When I contacted support through the chatbox it went really fast and the gentleman was helpful, he found the problem quickly and had us back up and running.

Big plus point – BlueHost now offers free SSL Certificates(it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser). Our client was able to update to a secure site all on his own just by following the instructions that BlueHost sent him. This could be a good option for your too.


There is no doubt that my worst experience has been with Site5. When one of our theme providers suggested Site5 as a great option we moved our own sites and our contracted customers over. At first, it was a great experience, great communication, fast service and backend interface.

Then all of the sudden, you could not contact them by phone or email. Plus all of the logins and passwords were changed without notice…hell is putting the experience mildly.

a2Hosting the Viable Solution

The solution to our woes just happened to come in time. We built a website for a client that was already on a2Hosting. When I checked a2 out they had rave reviews and they were quick to help me with any questions I had, all their answers were clear and concise. (Besides I love their logo.)

At the same time, we were looking for the best way to add SSL Certificates to all sites we manage; Vola´ a2Hosting was the answer.

Again, with the help of a2Hosting, we migrated all our websites to their hosting.

This has been a very fortunate marriage:

  • Excellent service by phone, email and support tickets
  • Free SSL certificates and great paid options
  • 6% faster loading time for websites
  • Backend interface that is easy to understand and navigate
  • One-click WordPress setup
  • Backup options you can purchase
  • Great pricing options that save you money

You will be happy with a2 as your WordPress hosting provider. They are perfect for small businesses and for any person providing services for small business websites.

Helping you find a WordPress Hosting solution that is easy and works hard for you is what we do.

To websites that are more than a pretty face,


P.S. Need help getting your WordPress Hosting solution and setting up your WordPress site? Call us!