What is WordPress? It is the easiest way to get your ideas, products and conversations online. In other words, it is a simple but powerful content management system (CMS).

Last night I met with our local WordPress Meetup group which ranges from novices to some of the experts I have known for years. The websites each member was working on were as different as our abilities; from Military Awards to Downloadable Meditations.

What Is WordPress? – The Video Version

One of my favorite ways of learning and teaching WordPress is through WP101.com. Although WordPress is very easy to learn and very easy to use, video learning makes it a dream.

So take it away WP101…


Infographic Explaining “What is WordPress”

What is WordPress Infographic


Who Uses WordPress?

The volume of WordPress websites is growing fast…30% of all websites are on WordPress. Some of the WordPress websites surprise me. Just this year the Official White House website moved WordPress. On the other end of the spectrum, we have The New Yorker and the Rolling Stones using WordPress. 

Interested in seeing more? WP Beginner has compiled a really fun list of famous WordPress websites.

Learning WordPress

Want to learn WordPress? – The simple choice is my number 1 suggestion: join WP101.com for easy video learning at it’s best. Save yourself time and confusion! Searching YouTube for answers can become overwhelming and confusing, like really fast.

Didn’t they do a great job explaining WordPress in the video above?

Join WordPress Meetup near you.

Too busy for all that jazz…or feeling too technically challenged? then you fall into the same category as our clients…you want someone else to know WordPress and build your website.

In that case, call us we can get you online.


P.S. Now that you know what WordPress is I am sure you can see that it is for you too.