Carousel Feature

A “Carousel” is a unique feature that allows you to display a rotating set of images anywhere on your site.  You can have your carousel on your front page or on a content page including your blog.

  • The Carousel can move in a horizontal direction or a vertical mode.  The vertical Carousel is great for a side bar.
  • You can use an unlimited groups of images.
  • Your images can rotate in groups of three, or one by one.
  • You can control the speed of the Carousel and display options.
  • Stop The Show!  You can stop the show simply by placing your cursor over the image you would like to view a little closer.    Go ahead… give it a try!

Horizontal – Group of three

Vertical – Group of two


Vertical – Single slide

You will love this versatile Carousel on your site.  Let us add one for you.

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