Unique Features

WebPress Utah offers these unique features with our full custom websites. 

*To see how each feature works, click on each of the images.  You will be taken to individual pages where
you can see the features in action. 

The “Slider” is by far, our most popular unique feature.
Click on the icon, see the slider in action.

The “Carousel” is becoming more popular.  There are so many
opportunities to use this distinctive feature.  Click on the
icon and see how the “carousel” works. 

Because of easy access, readers will love having all of your videos
on one page.  Click on the icon and see this feature in action.

Click on the image below to see all the different ways the new
“Accordion” can be used on your site.

Selected Images can rotate or appear one after another.  They can
slide or fade in and out. The format can be reduced
so the feature will fit easily into your sidebar.
Click on the icon to see it work.

Rotating Text can be scaled for the side bar of your website or blog.
It’s ideal for testimonials, instructions, or sales pitch.  You
can add as may text messages as you would like to see
rotate by sliding or fading in and out.
Click on the icon to see it in action:

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