Testimonial – Dave Tuomisto

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I believe God blesses businesses like human beings; it is not usually not money, an unexplained busy Monday dinner rush or a good price on tortillas.

God blesses our lives and businesses that help sustain the lives of our families, employees with PEOPLE.

It is a valuable gift to separate the “nightmare partners/deal” from the special “gifts” or “special people” given to help us succeed at business and life.


I knew right away there was something special about Kathy and Sheila. Somehow I knew they were a “gift” to help me with an area of business that is so critical and I know so little about.

I can count on one hand how many people I trust and have the confidence in making Milagros reach my goals.  It did not take very long before I knew Milagros’ Internet presence was in the best possible hands.

It has been fun, educational and very productive to have WebPress Utah build our website and mobile site and maximize Milagros online exposure.  All you have to do is look.

I have been reluctant to tell other friends/business owners about Kathy and Sheila.  I want them all for myself.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions.  I consider you very fortunate to even have the opportunity to be associated with WebPress Utah.

Dave 200 x 200

Dave Tuomisto – Milagros Utah


P.S.  Check our the mobile site on your smartphone. It is the same URL as our main site. http://milagrosutah.com.  It is simple, functional, easy to use and good looking!  You can click to order takeout right from your phone.  We love the idea… and WebPress delivered!


Testimonial – Darren Cram

Darren Cram TestimonialKathy and Sheila

Thanks for the idea of developing a “calling card” site, it’s exactly what I wanted.  All the suggestions you made for the site have worked out so good.  The site is so professional and I’m proud to send my clients there.

Linking my site to Vic’s mortgage loan application has worked so well and it saved me from having to go to the extra trouble of making it secure.  Thanks for the idea.  I hope to soon expand the site, and I’m looking forward to working with you gals again.  You are right on!

Darren Cram Thumbnail

Darren Cram – Darren Cram Mortgage Broker

Testimonial – Jackson Danger Band

Jackson Danger thumbnail

Jackson Danger Band testimonialHi Sheila and Kathy

Thanks for everything you have done to help me.  I like the site and it’s fun to tell my friends I have a web site.  Thank you for helping me with YouTube.

Sheila, I like the way you fixed my channel.  It’s really easy to find all of my videos now.  You give me so many tips on how to market myself.  I can see it’s working by all the views I’m now getting on YouTube.

Kathy, thanks for coming to my performances and helping me with my blog.

Jackson Danger thumbnail

Jackson Danger  -  Jackson Danger Band    -    YouTube Channel

Testimonial – Vic Cram

Thank you Kathy and WebPress Utah for creating an online presence for my business that has exceeded every expectation I was looking for.

From the website that you created for me has had clients comment on the design and layout, and how simple it is for them to navigate through and find the content they are searching for.

As a growing business, I’m extremely grateful for the marketing concepts and and the knowledge the WebPress Utah professionals have provided for me in getting my services in front of the RIGHT demographic that is so important in the growth we were looking for in having a presence on line.

WebPress was able to get my site positioned in Google very quickly, along with other marketing strategies that have been vital to my success.

Kathy has also provided the HELP I have needed to understand how to make changes to the content in my site in a timely manner.  This service was very important to me.

WebPress was very quick in getting back to me with the answers to the questions I had. They also continue to give me feedback and suggestions that have helped my online business grow.

If you are contemplating getting a website and growing your business online, WebPress Utah and their professionals are they way to go.  It will be the best decision you will make for your business.

Thank you WebPress Utah

Vic Cram – UtahMortgageAndLoan.net

Testimonial – Kimba Fit

Kimba FitThank you for rescuing my website and for keeping the updates done.
I’m looking forward to expanding the site in the near future.
Thank you again Sheila!
Kimba Fit thumbnail photo
Kimba Smith – Kimba Fit

Testimonial – Ryan DiStefano

Hi Gals… I’m rather inundated with farm work, trying to get a lot planting and building done.

The website has made all the difference in the world when it comes to getting people signed up for the Farm Box. I now have 21 families signed up, and they are really excited about all the features of the website.

They like reading about the produce they’ll be getting in the “What We Grow” category, and the “Video Section” is super. I appreciate your help in keeping up with the recipes. And the videos would never get posted if I did not have you to depend on.

Thanks for giving me a hand in managing my site and e-mail auto-responder. Spending so much time in the green houses and farm does not allow me very much time to keep my site updated as frequently as I would have liked.

Thank you again and again! I really think I would have been way out of luck if it wasn’t for you both.

Gracie! Farmer Ryan – AshleyAcresFarm.com

Testimonial – Nicole Stoddard

I’m a hopeful blogger! Having enough good ideas is never my problem, but I needed help when it came to organizing my thoughts. WordPress is the perfect format. I love my site and having WebPress Utah set it up for me was exactly what I needed. Thank you WebPress. (Thanks Sheila for all the fantastic Skype calls.)

Nicole Stoddard -  RightlyRich.com

Testimonial – Jill Christian

Utah Web Designt Testimonial I would like to thank Sheila, of WebPress Utah, for all the work she did, designing and getting our website created. We are very happy with everything she has done.

We are very gratefull for her expertise in not only creating a site but getting it seen. You can now find us on the front page of Google and Bing results! You can find us on YouTube and in Google Places.

We would recommend WebPress, Utah Web Design services to anyone needing a website for their business.

Sincerely, Jill Christian
Delgado’s BC Boxing, bcboxingutah.com


Testimonial – Judy Seegmiller

I am thrilled to endorse WebPress Utah. I have worked with Kathy from WebPress over the years and have the utmost respect for her professionalism, timeliness and attention to all the little details.

WebPress recently created a website for our school reunion that is so thorough in that even those unfamiliar with navigating the web have been intrigued. I have authored a book and browse the web frequently for speaking ideas/facts so am well aware of how functional a site must be.

Having Webpress Utah build a site for us has moved us faster to completion with less time, effort and cost that hard mailings and word of mouth would have.

I have worked for a leading consulting firm for many years and been in contact with multitude of websites and WebPress sites would compete with the very best. Thanks WebPress for your timely dedication.

Judy Seegmiller – PHS Committiee Chair – ProvoHigh1961.com

Testimonial – Evolve Her

Thank you Kathy and Sheila from Webpress Utah!

I can not thank you enough for all of your hard work in creating my Wordpress website and most importantly spending the time to teach me how to effectively run and maintain it!

I am so impressed with the service that I received from you!  You willingly did above and beyond what you had to do for us, and you were such a pleasure to work with!

Your knowledge of Search Engine Optimization had us recognized by the Google search engines quicker than I ever expected!  For that kind of service your pricing is unmatched!!!

Thank you for believing in me and my cause!  I am absolutely a believer in you and your business!  Service like yours is nearly impossible to come by!

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for being a part of the building blocks for this organizations success!

Sincerely,     Leah – Evolve Her


Testimonial – Suzanne Clark

WebPress Utah recently designed a website for my new headband business. Working with them was so very easy. Their knowledge and expertise is unmatched. They custom built an e-commerce site, with a shopping cart and a link to PayPal. All of the technical execution works perfectly.

They know all the tricks of the trade to get your website noticed, and noticed fast.  My website indexed with Google within 24 hours after it was up and running, and within a week, I was on the top spot on Google for selected keywords. Now that’s results!.

Not only did they design my site, but they taught me the ins and outs of managing it and how to maintain it. I highly recommend WebPress Utah to anyone who desires a successful website.

Suzanne Clark – fabricheadbands.net

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