Accordion Feature

“Wow, what a clever idea!” That will be the response from your readers when they discover an “Accordion” website feature on your site. The Accordion has got to be one of the best website features available today.

Just what is an Accordion? It’s a grouping of “Title Bars” that have content or images behind them. Click on a “Title Bar” and “Waaalaaa”. You can feature all kinds of content and images behind them and… they open one at a time.  An “Accordion” website feature is like asking your readers to open small surprise packages. They will love it.  So what are the benefits of an Accordion?

  • Your readers don’t have to scroll down the page to get important information.
  •  They will stay on your site longer. We all want our readers to stick around for awhile and look at what we have to offer.
  • “Accordions” focus your reader’s attention on specific information you want them to see.

The example below is a sample of a “Closed Accordion”. In other words, it is closed when the reader first lands on the page. Give it a try!

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All title bars in the accordion are an invitation to your visitor to see what’s inside. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

  • Your accordion can remained closed until your visitor opens it by, either by hovering over the title bar, or clicking on it directly.
  • You can also choose to leave your primary title open so your visitors get a sneak preview of what your are offering in the rest of the accordion.
  • Links can be included your text or images, which will take your visitor deeper into your web site for additional information or purchasing a product.
  • You can have as many accordion title bars as you desire.  This accordion example has three.
  • The accordion is the best new website feature and we can put one on your WordPress site. 

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Using the accordion allows you to display a considerable amount of information in a small space.

  • You could use it for text only, like adding instructions on how to use various products.
  • A series of photos or images could adorn your accordion, or a combination of both.
  • Introduce your staff by using an according.  If your business is real estate, you could feature your home listings, as in the sample below.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Twin Home – $280.00 – Sandy Mountain, Ohio – Built in 2006 – 5 Bedrooms – 3 Baths –  Must See To Appreciate!

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DiStefano – Luisi Family

Accordions have a clean appearance and are extremely versatile.

  • Accordions can be place in your page or post content area, like this one. Or, you can place it in your side bar. You can adjust them for a large or small amount of content.  In other words, they can be proportioned to your exact needs. We are using a narrow setting for this accordion example.
  • The sky is the limit.
  • Let WebPress put an Accordion on you WordPress site.

This cool website feature, is the “Open Accordion”. When your reader lands on the page, one of the “Accordions” is already open to draw attention!

Open Accordian Feature

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According To Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

Can you be found quickly?

Folks are not turning to Yellow Pages.

They are searching from the Internet &  Smart Phones.

You can beat the competition!  Let WebPress help you.

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Go ahead… click on the icon so you can see how it works.

You have two ways to present your “Accordion”:  1.  Flat display with white background… as shown above    2.  Silver display with black background. 

Brittney Christian – Will Power

Brittney Christian, Professional Boxer In The Ring

Brittney Christian – Dedication

BC Boxing Utah | Professional Boxing Utah

Brittney Christian – Respect

Brittney Christian, Professiona Photos

Brittney Christian – Determination

Brittney Christian, Professional Boxer

Brittney Christian – Self Respect

Professional Boxer Brittney Christian

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