Delgado’s BC Boxing Gym Utah

BC Boxing Front Page – Utah Web Design – Custom WordPress Design

ProjectNeeds: A dynamic site that can top all local boxing gyms. Needs SEO optimization. Needs a blog to help with SEO. Needs on site Geo-Targeting of their Utah location. Plus the value of an optimized Google Places. Must have an YouTube Channel for Google Places setup and to make the most of keywords.

Client wants to brand Delgado’s Boxing Gym Utah, BC Boxing and boxer Brittney Christian. Client has their own graphics and pictures. They want unique ways to feature their photos.

Client is very computer and Internet savvy and will run the website, blog, YouTube and Google Places.

WebPress  Services Provided:

  • Keyword search
  • Guided Domain name purchase
  • Guided Hosting purchase
  • Directed second domain name to site
  • Full custom theme and website
  • Graphic Design for Slider
  • Graphic Design – Use of clients logo and pictures
  • Slider (3 slides)
  • Contact page form
  • Legal forms
  • On site Geo-targeting
  • SEO implementation
  • SEO site descriptions
  • Registered with search engines
  • Incorporated client copy for pages
  • Legal pages
  • Blog set up
  • Connect to Facebook and YouTube
  • Set up YouTube Channel with profile and SEO training
  • Google Profile
  • Claimed Google Places so client could add video and pictures
  • Training on running Google Places
  • Tutorials – Including video tutorials and personal training


  • Site indexed with Google in 36 hours
  • Client was running site even before we published to the web
  • Boxing Videos featured by 9 websites
  • Site on first page of Google results and Bing results within 3 weeks
  • Videos on front page of Google results
  • Client running site, Google Pages and YouTube

Next steps:

  • Consistent blog posts
  • Register with directories
  • Get reviews for Google Places
  • Mobile Phone Site
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