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Make Your Video Posts Load Faster with this WordPress Plugin

When ever I design and set up a website for a client I always focus on site speed, from optimizing images to making sure plugins do not slow down the site. As we do more and more video marketing, I have found that video posts and pages often loaded very slow. The good news is that there is finally a plugin that remedies this problem.

WordPress plugin “Lazy Load for Video” by Kevin Weber works like a charm, especially when it comes to pages with more than one embedded video. The plugin is free and very easy to use. Read More→

How To Optimize Your Videos For SEO: Infographic

For big payoffs, make the most of all you the effort you have put into creating a video…be sure to optimize it for SEO.

Video is part of every marketing plan we do for our Utah web design clients. And with great success. In fact we just received an email from a client to do more video because she was getting phone calls because of her current videos. Wahooo!

YouTube alone has some pretty impressive statistics as the 3rd most visited site in the world and the 2nd largest search engine.

This infographic shows you how to optimize your video for SEO. Read More→

A Simple Marketing Plan That Will Put Money In Your Pocket

If you follow this simple marketing plan, it will put money in your pocket. Knowing the difference between features vs benefits will make all the difference in the world in the end results of your sale or service.

When it comes to offering products or services to your prospective buyers, the following profound marketing wisdom will increase your bottom line.

Sell the “Sizzle” before you sell the Frying pan.

That bit of marketing wisdom applies to off line as well as online marketing.

Let’s put it another way: Features tell. Benefits sell.

You will never sell the frying pan by focusing only on the features. You will always sell the frying pan if you focus on the benefits, then the features. Read More→

Playing By The Book: YouTube Makes It Perfectly Clear

YouTubeClickhere-1Although there is plenty about Google that seems to stay a mystery they have been very up front with their tips for making the most on YouTube and your website.

First they have an “Official YouTube Blog” where you will find the latest trends and links to video help and stay updated with what is happening on the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

Second I found the YouTube Video Creator’s Playbook very helpful. I downloaded my copy for future reference. Read More→

YouTube Traffic Report: 2012 Statistics

James Widmore has put together a fantastic video infographic: Video Revolution 2.0 (YouTube Statistics 2012)

PLR Products And Your Small Business Website

The purpose of this post is two fold: 1. To introduce you to the world of PLR products (Private Label Rights) and 2. To introduce you to a PLR business in a box.

As a content writer for several blogs, I have found that a great PLR product can go a long way in saving me valuable time. Also it sparks ideas I would never have thought of. Plus I do no have to learn everything about every niche I write for.

What is PLR?

PLR is any product you can put your name on and sell it as your own. For example, Martha Stewart puts her private label on the green cleaning products you buy at Home Depot. She is not producing that product but puts her name on the product and promotes it.

Your online business can do the same. You can purchase PLR articles, graphics, videos and ebooks, put your name on them and re-purpose them into blog posts, email content, video tutorials or advertising or ebooks.

The key is to really make the PLR product your own by re-writing and re-purposing it.

Here is an example of how I re-purposed some PLR graphics I recently purchased: Read More→

On A Small Budget? How Do You Optimize Your Site?

How do you optimize your site when you are on a small budget? That question is answered by Google:

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, posts YouTube videos as part of “Google’s WebMaster Tools.” The video’s are short and direct answers to common questions. As Utah web designers we like to refer our clients to the video’s as a reference for what we are teaching them.

In this video Matt was asked “How does someone begin to SEO their site on a small budget in an overwhelmed industry such as real estate?” Read More→

Video SEO Is Important For Video Traffic

You should not neglect using good video SEO when you produce a video for your online marketing. Strong SEO keywords in your video title and description will really make a difference in driving traffic to your videos. Using good Internet marketing video SEO strategies will get lots of folks clamoring to view your videos. If you want video traffic… follow these simple tips.

By the way…. Google ranks your videos according to the keywords you use and the amount of traffic you get.

Video Title:

Use keywords in your title. You are limited to the number of characters in the title so put the keywords as close to the front of your title as possible. Notice my name is in the title. It’s a keyword too. Read More→

Do You Need a YouTube Channel?

Setting up a YouTube Channel is one of the very first things we do for our Utah web design clients.

Why? The answer is as simple as….Local Business Marketing!

As a Utah web design company we set out to make sure our clients are found on the web. Video makes that happen.

  • To properly set up your Google Places Google Maps you will need a location and your elevator speech.
  • YouTube is a great place to host videos for you website.
  • You can build up traffic from your YouTube account by creating links back to your website.
  • Teaching sells! teach your clients something they want to know about.

Plan your YouTube Channel

  • Always use good a good keyword search for you channel title, tags and profile.
  • Always do a good keyword search before you do any video you upload to your channel.
  • Make sure you have the copyright to all the music, video and photos you use on your YouTube channel.

11 Resources To Make Your Own YouTube Video Read More→