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PLR Products And Your Small Business Website

The purpose of this post is two fold: 1. To introduce you to the world of PLR products (Private Label Rights) and 2. To introduce you to a PLR business in a box.

As a content writer for several blogs, I have found that a great PLR product can go a long way in saving me valuable time. Also it sparks ideas I would never have thought of. Plus I do no have to learn everything about every niche I write for.

What is PLR?

PLR is any product you can put your name on and sell it as your own. For example, Martha Stewart puts her private label on the green cleaning products you buy at Home Depot. She is not producing that product but puts her name on the product and promotes it.

Your online business can do the same. You can purchase PLR articles, graphics, videos and ebooks, put your name on them and re-purpose them into blog posts, email content, video tutorials or advertising or ebooks.

The key is to really make the PLR product your own by re-writing and re-purposing it.

Here is an example of how I re-purposed some PLR graphics I recently purchased: Read More→