PLR Products And Your Small Business Website

The purpose of this post is two fold: 1. To introduce you to the world of PLR products (Private Label Rights) and 2. To introduce you to a PLR business in a box.

As a content writer for several blogs, I have found that a great PLR product can go a long way in saving me valuable time. Also it sparks ideas I would never have thought of. Plus I do no have to learn everything about every niche I write for.

What is PLR?

PLR is any product you can put your name on and sell it as your own. For example, Martha Stewart puts her private label on the green cleaning products you buy at Home Depot. She is not producing that product but puts her name on the product and promotes it.

Your online business can do the same. You can purchase PLR articles, graphics, videos and ebooks, put your name on them and re-purpose them into blog posts, email content, video tutorials or advertising or ebooks.

The key is to really make the PLR product your own by re-writing and re-purposing it.

Here is an example of how I re-purposed some PLR graphics I recently purchased:

[pb_vidembed title=”Local Business Marketing | Utah Web Design ” caption=”” url=”″ type=”yt” w=”520″ h=”425″]

The purchased graphics made it easy to create content for the video. Then adding graphics of my own made the video complete.

Once you understand the value of PLR and how it can increase the value of your online presence and increase production for your small business website, you will become a big fan of PLR products.

Your PLR Business In a Box

If you find your self wanting to product and sell PLR products to other people, you are in luck!

PLR Writer Peg BaronPLR Writer, Peg Baron and I have teamed up to make it easy to start your own PLR website. You can have your PLR store online and running in just a few days.

Since 2008, Peg Baron has been a very successful PLR writer. Over the years she has expanded her business to include helping people just like you, write their own PLR products and start their own PLR businesses.

Peg’s book “Become A PLR Writer” has been a huge success.

Getting your successful PLR business off the ground can be difficult. Peg and I put together a package to that will make it easy to jump over any barriers.

In fact, Peg has put together 3 different PLR website packages you can choose from.

Your Very Own PLR Site done for you. With Peg’s PLR expertise and my WordPress expertise we have a complete website package deal.

Your PLR Website Done For You Options

Peg is giving you 3 done for you options to choose from. Starting with a Premium theme package to a full coaching package.

Starting with a blog theme…

PLR Website Themes

Webpress, Utah Web Design has created a Premium theme especially for PLR Providers!

  • 3 theme color choices
  • 1 basic premium theme layout for each color, with 3 header choices within each color.
  • 3 different background choices for each color.

That’s 27 possible different looks and you get them all!

Click here to see the background colors and headers —

  • Kathy will add your site name and tagline, or your logo to your header choices. These themes are set up so you can easily add your own header if you’d like.
  • You are getting a Premium Builder Theme so that means they’ve got great SEO benefits plus an amazing dashboard that’s a pleasure to work with.
  • The theme and it’s different looks is especially designed for PLR providers, which means all the customizing and rearranging has already been done for you!
  • Instructions on how to make any changes you desire are included with the theme so you’ll never get lost.
  • 3 Premium Plugins are included at no extra charge! Style Manager, Backup Buddy, and Video Embed.
  • Your plugins are already installed and activated the best free plugins so you don’t have to spend time doing that.
  • Plus the SEO features are already optimized including the permalink customization.

You will love how simple this is!

1. You choose from one of the 3 great PLR website packages. Make your purchase and you will be sent to a questionnaire.

2. Simply answer the questionnaire provided, picking your colors, and I will get your beautiful site all set up for you.

3. Now the time to use that domain name you have been sitting on! Or pick up one especially for your new PLR store. I will use it when I put your website on your hosting and get it live when you’re ready. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry about it because I do know what I am doing.

4. Your site is created for you along with all the instructions for the blog and theme Information. Video links are provided, too, so you can explore all the capabilities of the theme, if you want.

5.Your PLR packs are original to your PLR website. Peg will send them in a separate email. She will do that manually as soon as possible.

6. Depend on WebPress, Utah Web Design for theme support, PLR support from Peg.


Imagine, your very own PLR website up and running this week.



P.S. One more thing, you can be a successful PLR writer with a successful PLR website. Peg makes it easy, she is a dream to work with.

P.S.S. Get a jump-start! Use PLR product for your websites, video, email and ebooks.


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