Rotating Image Feature

Rotating Images work much like a slideshow.  Selected images fade in and out at a designated display and speed. The Rotating Image feature is great for your site or blog side bar because it can be sized to fit in the narrow space.

  • The Rotating Image can be place anywhere on your site and can be sized to accommodate small spaces.
  • You can customize the speed of the fade and length of rotation.
  • Links can be affixed behind the images so your reader can click on the images and be taken to another page in your site.
  • You can add as many images as you like to the show.  The sky is the limit.

Here are two examples of Rotating Images:

The first is a large display that works well on the front page of your site. Watch the subtle changes in the images.

This second Rotating Image is a small display that would fit nicely in the side bar of your site or blog.