Is Your Business Smart Phone Ready?

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Did you know that 98.75% of all websites are not optimized for Smart Phones? Yet, more and more people are searching for your business on their phone.



 What does it take to optimize your Website?

  1. Viewer Friendly – Make your mobile website viewer friendly. All that is needed is a simple mobile website that fits the screen and gives just enough data to draw the click.
  2. Take Action – Make it easy for the viewer to take the desire action. Smart Phone users do not want to read your entire website. They want information they can act on right then and there. It could be as simple as giving your location, making it easy to click to call you or offering a coupon they can bring in and use.
  3. Check Out Our Mobile Phone Themes – We will have your Mobile phone site up in running in no time at all.  Just choose your theme and let’s get started.

We will customize your mobile phone site to include your logo, color preference and details.

Sublime Theme

Agave Theme

Green Theme

Speedway Theme

Posty Theme

Dark Knight Theme


Wavy Theme

Western Theme

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 Mobile is no longer an exception…it is the rule!