11 Absolute Basic WordPress Plugins

wordpress-plugin-logo-WordPress themes are become more and more inclusive everything you need to make your website sing. But there are still some plugins you will find valuable to making your site function better and more secure.

Of course every WordPress designer has their favorites. I love to spy on them to see what they are using. No matter what plugin I find it must meet a certain criteria:

  • Easy enough for my clients to use.
  • Lite weight, it can not be bloated and slow the website down.
  • It can not conflict with the other plugins on the site.

Here is a list of the WordPress plugins we always include on every site.

  1. All In One SEO Pack – This is a simple SEO plugin that give you more than enough SEO power.  Read More→

Infographics – Going From Design to Viral Marketing

Presenting complex concepts or stats are much easier to understand if they are done visually. All of our lives we have seen graphs that make it easy to quickly compare data. A graph makes the information more interesting.  Infographics can do the same thing for your information.

Infographics are easier to produce and publish that you may think, your infographic can also go viral.

To start you will need to have an exact idea of what information you want to show graphically. Harrington Communications tells us that your infographic design should include a story, good information and a flawless execution.

  • Gather all of the information you want in your infographic. Be sure your spelling is correct.
  • Gather any pictures you want included. Be sure you have permission to use them.
  • Now choose a basic layout you like. Look for something that will give life and flow to your concepts.
  • Choose what color pallet you like. Something that represents your concept…for example an infographic on health could be in natural green tones. (My trick is to search the term “infographics” and click on images, you will find tons of colors and layouts
    you may like.)


Now it is time to choose a designer. Review their previous work and check out any reviews or testimonials. Communicate what you want and get a clear picture of price and completion date.

Use a site to create your infographic.




infographics from easel.ly on Vimeo.

Publishing Your Infographic and Going Viral

WordPress – On your WordPress site use Infographic Embedder to create an embed code others can use when they post your infographic on their site.

This is an infographic we did for one of our clients. It is embedded here via the above plugin. Notice how it backlinks to their website just below the infographic it self.

Infographic – 4 Valuable Utah Resources for People with Disabilities - An Infographic from Utah Disability Law Experts

Embedded from Utah Disability Law Experts

Social Media - Send your infographic out to all of your social media sites. Pinterest and G+ are perfect formats for sending your graphic viral.

Web 2.0 - Add it to your Tumblr, WordPress.com, Blogger and other 2.0 sites.

Infographic sites - Submit your infographic to these free submission sites. Most sites will require that your graphic is 600 pixels wide. Be sure to check on their requirements.

  • Visual.ly
  • Infographicjournal.com
  • infographicsubmission.com
  • bestinfographics.info
  • infographixdirectory.com
  • coolinfographics.com
  • heinfographics.blogspot.com
  • submitinfographics.com

Contact people in your niche that would find your infographic helpful to their public. Offer to make it easy to publish on their site.

Now of course if you find that you need some help getting this job done… let us know.

Sheila Atwood – Utah Web Design

Utah Web Design: Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

WebPress, Utah Web Design, can make your website mobile ready. Don’t be one of the 97% of websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Read More→

Utah Cities Make the Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers

Welcome_SignFor 15 years Forbes has created a list of the top 25 best places for business and careers in 2013. Three Utah Cities made the list. Forbes takes into consideration strong business climates, low costs and educated labor force.

Brigham University takes Provo to the 2nd best place for business and careers. “Brigham Young University is the largest employer in Provo, which had the country’s top job growth last year at 5.0%.” Forbes

Salt Lake City Metro ranks #12 “Companies are moving to the Salt Lake metro to take advantage of the state’s pro-business environment and low energy costs. Added bonus: Access to seven world-class ski resorts.” Forbes

Forbes: “The Business Depot Ogden is a former U.S. Army defense depot that has been transformed into a 1,128-acre state-of-the-art industrial park.” giving Odgen the number 16 spot. Read More→

Increase Website Conversion Rate

yellowWebsite conversion rate has been discussed in several previous posts.  However, today I want to focus on another way you can increase website conversion rate.


Your copywriting is just as important as good site presentation, targeted keywords, easy navigation and a good call to action.

Online copywriting techniques change, just as other aspects of online web design and marketing have evolved.  As readers become more focused on what they want and become more sophisticated in their use of the web, how they view your copy message has changed also.

Developers and online marketers have spent a lot of time, energy and money into testing what copy converts the best today.  Trust me…things have changed.

The Days Of Yellow Page Ad Copy Writing Is Over

For a long time, “Yellow Page” copywriting protocol dominated all marketing media, including online.  “Yellow Page” copywriting or “Feature” copywriting focuses on what you have to offer, rather than “Benefit” copy  which focuses on the advantages, comforts, conveniences or welfare of the customer or client.

Let’s take a look at an example I found in my yellow pages.

Utah Construction Personnel Services
We Help Utah Grow
(I say, who really cares?)

My Changes:

Utah Construction Personnel Services
Providing you with screened, skilled workers that
will get your job done.
Read More→

Utah Web Design: Mobile Website for Tangaro Law

Just completed a Utah web design for Tangaro Law. This was such a great project! It included a desk top and a mobile website.

As a client, Ms. Tangaro and her partner were so easy to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted and provided excellent pictures and content.

Of course the desk top site is responsive but giving mobile device users exactly the data they need quickly is a good option for local businesses like law firms.

Here his  a peek at their mobile website.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Utah call Cara Tangaro.

If you need a mobile website, call us!

Sheila Atwood, Utah Web Designer

New Utah Web Design: A Mobile Website

Because you want to make sure everyone that searches for your business on a mobile device takes action when they find your business, you want a Mobile Website.

Mobile Phones turn 50 years old this year. Whoa! not only have mobile phones change dramatically but so have mobile websites.

Although responsive themes have their place, in fact we now make sure every website we build is responsive. Read More→

Be The Master Of Your Domain & Hosting Services

domain imageDomain Ownership

You cannot be the master of something you do not own.  It may surprise you, but you may not be the master of your domain.  Many people that have websites built do not own their own domain name, the designer or design company does.

It is a common practice for companies to register your desired domain name in the company’s name.  They may even pay for the domain name on a yearly basis, sometimes actually collect the fee from you.  None the less, they own your domain name.  They do this by registering the name to themselves and not to you.

Example:  Real estate companies often have their own web designers and offer to put up a website for their agents.  Free, of course.  If an agent chooses his own name as the domain name for his site, the agency will gladly offer to register it for him as a service.  Free, of course.

If or when the agent chooses to leave the agency, guess what?  The domain name, the agent’s own name, stays with the company.  Many an agent has paid big bucks to have this domain, his personal name, released to him so he can take it with him to another agency.

When you have a website designed,  make sure you are the master of your own domain by having registered in your name.  (Tip:  Always ask for the login and password for your domain company.) Read More→

Utah Web Design: 7 Tips For Choosing A Web Designer

webdesign-agencyWebPress Utah is a Utah web design company that serves clients in Utah as well as in other states.

We have found that choosing a web designer and webmaster can be a bit daunting when you don’t know where to go, let along what questions to ask to find a Designer/Webmaster that will meet your particular needs.  Here are 7 tips that will give you some guidance .

Questions To Ask In Choosing a Web Designer

1.  What format will my website be built on?  You want a site that is built on a format that will be easy for you to manage or make corrections so you don’t have to call a webmaster for every little change.  We recommend the WordPress format because it is SEO and user friendly.

2.  Will I sign a contract?  It is always best to have a firm agreement in place before you have a website built.  This will help you understand what will be expected of your during the process as well as what you can expect from your web designer.  When the terms of the agreement are actually spelled out, then accountability is in place for both parties. Read More→

Authority Websites: Building Online Relationships

DaJudgeThere is a difference between authority websites and those sites that just add content with no thought of building online relationships with readers.

Building An Authority Website

Often people think that putting up a website, adding a few keywords here and there and having their designer add a few SEO plugins will cause their website to shoot up in the rankings to the front page of Google in no time at all.  They think that’s all it takes to build online relationships.

Nothing could be further than the truth.  In recent years, Google has been more and more selective about what websites are presented to their readers. Then, of course,  it’s up to you to build the relationship.

There are those who who appear on the “front page” who choose to pay for advertising for selected keywords, but that is not what we are talking about.  It’s those websites that climb to the top of the search engines by organic means and then hold there readers captive by several different relationship strategies, that become authorities.

4 Steps Toward Having An Authority Website

Read More→