Top Free WordPress Plugins in the WordPress Depository

We have been working in WordPress for over 5 years. The WordPress platform has come along way! The core of WordPress is getting stronger with the basics to set up a website. More and more concepts we use to use plugins for are now build right in.

We still have the basic free WordPress plugins we absolutely love and add to every site we build. Most of those plugins made the “Top 25 Most Popular WordPress Plugin” by The really great infographic below is based upon the most popular plugins by downloads from the WordPress Depository. Read More→

Utah Video Marketing – New Video for Utah DUI Lawyer

Utah Video Marketing As part of the Utah Video Marketing plan for Utah Lawyer, Cara Tango we made a new video promoting her as a Salt Lake City DUI lawyer. Read More→

New Website Design for Nonprofit Wrestling Club in Wyoming

Every year we do at least one website design free gratis for a nonprofit organization. Because my grandson belongs to the Top of the Rock Wrestling Club in Rock Springs, Wyoming I could not say no to this website design and website management.

Wyoming Web Design Read More→

Hosting a Utah WordPress Website for Site Speed

For years we have big fans of Hostgator and Blue Host for our WordPress websites. Both hosting companies are located right here in Utah. Both companies have given us excellent service, in fact, I would say we have called hundreds of times and were helped hundreds of times with exactly what we needed.

But, and that is a big but, when it comes to site speed we have found them lacking. Even though we include caching plugins, image and video optimizers on every website we design and build, the load queries from the hosting accounts were taking very long time. Especially during peak internet usage times for our area.

Finding page load hogs. Read More→

New Video for LuckyDog Recreation, Playground Equipment Utah

We have been fortunate to work with LuckyDog Recreation, a Utah and Idaho playground equipment company. Recently we did a very fun video to market the Dynamo Apollo Spinner, a rope climbing spinning tool.

LuckyDog Recreation is unique in that they not only sell some of the finest and funnest playground equipment and all of the accessories needed for a complete playground, they also install their equipment.

This particular video features the LuckyDog construction crew “testing out” the Dynamo Spinner. Read More→

Make Your Video Posts Load Faster with this WordPress Plugin

When ever I design and set up a website for a client I always focus on site speed, from optimizing images to making sure plugins do not slow down the site. As we do more and more video marketing, I have found that video posts and pages often loaded very slow. The good news is that there is finally a plugin that remedies this problem.

WordPress plugin “Lazy Load for Video” by Kevin Weber works like a charm, especially when it comes to pages with more than one embedded video. The plugin is free and very easy to use. Read More→

Restaurant Trends for 2014 – How Does Your Utah Restaurant Compare?

Sometimes it may seem impossible to stay up with restaurant trends. has produced a wonderful infographic below that gives you a quick overview for 2014.

From a web design and web marketing point of view I found the following following trends very interesting:

9 in 10 restaurants say social media will become more important marketing tool in 2104 – Ugg! That sounds like more work! especially when you want to put your attention on your business. Here are a few tips that may help: Read More→

Should Utah Restaurants Install WIFI? Small Business Decisions

As a small business in Utah it can be hard to keep up with the big corporations. Small independent Utah restaurants not only compete when it comes to adding new menu items or updating decor but now they must make the decision as to whether or not to hop on the WIFI bandwagon.

“One of the biggest benefits of offering free WiFi is that it increases the time spent on premises.  Consumers tend to stay longer if they can use their tablets and laptops via WiFi.  Of the businesses surveyed, almost 62 percent said that customers spent more time in their shop or facility once WiFi was introduced. Read More→

Web Design and Video Marketing

Video marketing has become an intricate part of Web Design. Although there is social networking value, you could consider that posting your video on your website would bring ever greater value.

Shareaholic StatsSocial Website Stats from

Using Video On Your Website as Internet Video Marketing

  • Blog Posts – Use your new video as a blog post. It could not be more simple, upload your video and add a simple description. Re-purpose your old blog posts and bring them current with new video descriptions.

Read More→

11 Absolute Basic WordPress Plugins

wordpress-plugin-logo-WordPress themes are become more and more inclusive everything you need to make your website sing. But there are still some plugins you will find valuable to making your site function better and more secure.

Of course every WordPress designer has their favorites. I love to spy on them to see what they are using. No matter what plugin I find it must meet a certain criteria:

  • Easy enough for my clients to use.
  • Lite weight, it can not be bloated and slow the website down.
  • It can not conflict with the other plugins on the site.

Here is a list of the WordPress plugins we always include on every site.

  1. All In One SEO Pack – This is a simple SEO plugin that give you more than enough SEO power.  Read More→