Beautiful Utah Website Design with A Change of Pace

iThemes Builder WordPress themeGenerally as Utah WordPress Designers, we have been WordPress “iTheme Builder” fans to the max. We love how easy it is to create your very own layouts in Builder. With iTheme Builder you get a lot of plus points:

  • It is very light weight.
  • Easy to create any layout you want.
  • Easy to create your very own child theme.
  • Very easy to make CSS changes.
  • Very quick when it comes to making a site responsive.
  • The forum is fabulous, any questions we have are quickly answered.
  • iTheme has excellent training sessions, from beginner to advanced.
  • Nice display plugins for sliders, accordions and carousels.

Although WordPress iTheme has been great there are a few new features we have been wanting: Read More→

Infographics in Marketing & Easy Design Resources

From simple to complex, Infographics are dominating promotion and advertising. Have you noticed how many TV commercials are starting to look like web video with Infographics?

From simple to complex an Infographic gives data a person can see and quickly evaluate. For me, the key is to create Infographics that not only gives good information but gives a whole concept fast, which is easy to do if you keep to conveying just one main topic.

Stats-01 Read More→

New Business Video for LuckyDog Recreation

Check out the new business video we did for LuckyDog Recreation of Utah and Idaho. CJ and Nicole Stoddard of LuckyDog decided on the concept and sent us the pictures they wanted to use:

Because LuckyDog designs, sales and installs playground equipment they are unique in their industry. It is like one stop playground shopping Read More→

Content Marketing and SEO for Utah Local Business

Recently we did a website for a Utah local business. Although there a few rough spots with the photography for the site, the site went up rather quickly. The problem came with content marketing and SEO.

All the basic SEO was in place:

Site descriptions: All pages had good SEO titles and descriptions for the main keywords.
Permalink structure: All pages had good permalinks structure that were shortened down to keywords. Photos: All photos had the correct alt tags and show up well in search.
Site load time: Was excellent, even the pictures load fast.
Responsive theme: As always the site design was responsive to all desktops and mobile devices.

The Problem Came with Content Marketing

The owner of the site decided to narrow down all of the content to just a brief statement. This eliminated any chance for actually having SEO content on the site.

You can have all the SEO descriptions, all the alt tags on photos, permalinks correct and perfect titles, but if there is no content you get zero – zilch – nadda – nothing when it comes to showing up well in Google.

This is one place where most local businesses can beat the pants off of their competition. And why we always recommend an active blog.

The Bad Results

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20 Sale Statistics You Need To Become A More Effective Salesperson

Do you ever feel like sales techniques change as fast as the Internet? Because people are now bombarded with sales information every where they look, they have become blind to many forms of advertising.

The same goes for direct sales contacts. The statistics below will help you learn what top performers are using to get past client blindness.


20 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell

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Cheap or Free Blog and Social Media Images Resources

Recently I went looking for cheap or free images for a clients website. I hate using stock images! So often they are so phony looking. We like to use images that come directly from the client, but that is not always possible especially when you are doing a social media blitz or making a video.

Problem with Cheap or Free Stock Images

  • Often you can not use them for commercial projects.
  • They look phony.
  • On a big project even cheap images can become costly.
  • Most free image sites do not give you very many choices.


First of all, you will need a clear understanding of what is considered Free under a creative commons license. I found this easy to understand explanation at

What is considered commercial use was very interesting! and well worth reading the article. Read More→

A Quick Guide for Social Media Image Sizes

As a web designer, do you find it time consuming and frustrating to figure out the image sizes every time you set up a social media account? I have kept a cheat sheet file, but a while back I found this great quick guide to social media images that I refer to all of the time. Read More→

Utah Web Design – Understanding the Website Design Process

Knowledge is power when it comes to website design. Understanding the process can help both the website designer and the client.

Utah Website Design There are 5 major steps to the Web Design Process:

  • Discovery – Setting the foundation for every step to follow.
  • Plan – Laying out the direction for design and marketing.
  • Development – Gathering information and creating the site.
  • Launch – Opening the site to the search engines and to the world.
  • Maintenance – Keeping your website live and up to date.


This step is the most important step, not only for us as designers and website developers,  but also for you the client. It saves both of us time and money. Read More→

Why Do You Hate Your Web Designer?

Boss_-_BearAs a Utah Web Design company we find that most clients come to us when they are tired of working with their web designer. Small business owners are busy and rely on a good web designer to get them online.

Sad to say their common complaints reflect badly on all website designers and developers. Business owners become trapped in contracts and hosting problems they can not get out of. Or they feel like they have put in so much time with a designer that they hate to start over again.

Most Common Client Complaints

Designer Disappeared – The website designer has disappeared. Read More→

Utah Video Marketing – White Board Explainer Video for Law Firm

VideocameraWhen it comes to Utah video marketing most businesses could use a good “white board explainer video.” In just a couple of minutes you can easily explain:

  • a product,
  • your business ideas
  • you you are and what you do
  • a current special

Why White Board Explainer Videos?

These animation videos tell a story with fast paced drawings on a white board format with music or a voice-over. Read More→